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Careerpage is a professionally managed recruitment firm based out of Bangalore in India. Established in the year 2010, the organization is geared towards mapping the right candidates to best fit the clients needs (employers) and facilitating recruitment by employing and creating the ‘next’ best practices in the industry.

We specialize in the following domains:

 Accounting and finance
 Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
 Human resource

 Engineering & Manufacturing

Our Mission:
To be the platform which enables the job seekers to discover their potential as employees and help the employers to reach out to the vast & diverse talent pool conducive for the robust positive growth of an organization. Powered by the smart hiring technology and talent pool of Careerpage, we would like to provide our customers with best in class customized / tailored recruitment support and services.
While we enable our customers to access the best talent pool, we also believe that recruitment works best when we practice Candidate Nurturing to bring out the best in the prospective employee. It is a constant endeavour for us to ensure that we keep the best interests for the employers and employees while we map the best fit at the right cost.


Creating High standards in Recruitment
- Leveraging technology to empower our partners and candidates. Strong back end, database management, mainframes, etc, which allows easy access to hygiene information, quick decisions and faster TAT’s.

- High specialization in the respective areas of recruitment. Every consultant hiring at Careerpage brings in the domain expertise which adds value to both the employer and the job seekers.

- Keeping YOU as an employer or job seeker as the driving force for following the best in class recruitment practices in the industry. We work with the single minded effort to create processes which simplify recruitment for the recruiter, job seeker and for our clients.